Welcome to your future Starter Entreprise website

This home page will be customized for your company. NOTICE: only home page is in english version. I prefer keep my time to work for you ;-)

3 Clics-land offers a starter pack for a low-cost price site. Generated with the Joomla CMS, it will let you manage your own content, in real time:

  • adding items
  • texts update
  • imagery

Services and products

Waiting to see your personalized text, see all 3 Clics-Land.fr services:

  • coaching internet,
  • learning,
  • web and office services.


You will have your own audience of Internet users and customers.
The pack starter entreprise is for:

  • starters in business
  • associations
  • small companies
  • liberal professions

Reduced price for project carriers which are members of incubators.

Inspiration stepwise

Notice: adding contents from blog, product sheets, events, is automatic. Not always traduced in this demo version.